Servers Intranet

Servers Intranet connect all the servers together, including physics servers and virtual machines.

Network Topology



The network contains three parts:

  • Physical Switch in East Library Data Center
  • Virtual Switch on vSphere host machine
  • tincVPN

tincVPN is a mesh VPN, which can be abstructed as a virtual Switch. runs a layer 2 bridge, connecting tincVPN and SRW2024(physical switch).

It is obvious that vm-nfs is a single point of failure of communicating between tinc host and vSphere virtual machine. I had tried to add another bridge node, but resulted in a broadcast storm. Maybe we can fix it by MPLS (merged in mainland kernel 4.3). But it isn't a right timing at this time.

Network information

The network contains two subnets:


Every server binds one and only one IP address in, used to communicate with each other. is used for 1to1 IP mapping. At this time, it just used between linode( and blog(

Address planning

  • physics server and virtual machine
  • docker container
  • other address: not used yet.